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Divine Province is PRIVATE

Divine Province is a PRIVATE membership community, considered a ‘disregarded entity’ by the IRS, and as a Private Contract Unincorporated Associations is inviolable.

Divine Province is a PRIVATE membership community which assists its members in operating at arm’s length from the world of commerce while minimizing exposure to taxation. Divine Province is structured as a Private Contract Unincorporated Association and is the Home of One Global Estate and the Office of the Chair of Saint Peter.

Divine Province assists the members in minimizing their exposure to the world of commerce and the ABC’s who enforce the municipal corporate ……. More

What happens in the private stays in the private.
Competing for ‘public’ dollars!

In the world of commerce if one competes for ‘public’ dollars then ‘profits’ are deemed to be ‘Taxable Income’. If you offer any service or product, ‘in the public’, to another then all ‘profits’ are considered taxable income. But, if you do business strictly with members, just like family, ‘in the private’ ‘profit’ is not Taxable It is well established in law that an Unincorporated Association (UA) is protected by private contract and is inviolable as no court in the land can compel you ……. More

Office of Chair

According to the Council of Vienne, 1311-12,

Whoever shall hereafter dare to assert, maintain, or pertinaciously hold that the rational or intellectual soul is not per se and essentially the form of the human body, is to be regarded as a heretic.”
Further, by decree of Pope Leo X, “. . . with the approval of this sacred council we condemn all who assert that the intellectual soul is mortal or is the same in all men . . . for the soul is not only really and essentially the form of the human body, but is also immortal; and the number of souls has been and is to be multiplied according as the number of bodies is multiplied.
It is widely accepted that every atom and cell of our body is infused with a spark of the Divine Spirit …………. And, the Soul is the form of the human body, or ……… the Divine Spirit incarnate….. And, the Vatican is answerable ONLY to the Divine Spirit …… the Soul in the form of the human body.
We have found, the hard way, that the ‘dead’ legal fiction municipal corporation CANNOT ‘see nor hear’ the living man nor can they ever reach parity, therefore, the need to be ‘REPRESENTED.’
The Office of the Chair of Saint Peter is the bridge …… More

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Concessions  of King John I in The Holy Alliance Treaty 1213

Due to King John I concession in The Holy Alliance Treaty 1213 of the Kingdom of England, the Kingdom of Ireland, and all appurtenances and rights thereto, to her predecessors, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is bound by the permanent concession to His Holiness to this day. These rights and appurtenances also include all land of the United States. By virtue of Congressional Record we discovered that when the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed the country came under the Bank of England, and by virtue of the U.S. bankruptcy of 1933 a mortgage was placed on every home. When the United States pledged all birth certificates, credit, and productivity of the people as surety …. More

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